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If you have received a formatted file from us and need to revise it, this is how to go about it:

If you cannot make the revisions to the file yourself, we can make them for you.

Submit your revisions here (minor changes include correcting typos, replacing or adding a word, etc.): https://ebooklaunch.com/revisions-to-formatted-files/

We will review the work required, and send you a quote.

The following is an example:

Incorrect: Jack and Jill walk up a hill.
Correct: Jack and Jill ran up a hill.
Note: “walk” to “ran”

Provide three words either side of the correction so that we can use MS Word’s Find function to locate the sentence.

Please do not reference page numbers, paragraphs or “locations”. Send the corrections required as per the above.

If a typo needs to be corrected in all instances of the word throughout the book, we will find and replace all. Please leave a comment to that effect (eg. “Replace all instances of <old word> with <new word>”. There is no need to include every instance of it.)

Because we have to set up your project to be corrected, there is a minimum charge of $10 per file so it is better to wait until you have all the corrections required before submitting them.

If there are more than 30 modifications, this will require a reformat. If we sent you a Word doc, please edit that file. So that we can track your project, please re-submit your modified manuscript through our quote form: https://ebooklaunch.com/formatting-quote-form/

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