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Our ebook cover formatting service includes the following:

  1. You send/email us your ebook cover.
  2. We first check to see if your ebook cover meets all publishers’ requirements.
  3. We use the Smashwords requirements because if your cover meets these, they will meet the requirements of the other publishers. These can be found here: https://www.smashwords.com/about/supportfaq#covers
  4. We check the following items for your cover:
    – Size
    – Resolution
    – Format: We use JPG as this is accepted by all publishers
    – Content: we check to ensure that your cover does not contain URL’s etc., as these are not allowed by all publishers
  5. If your cover does not meet the requirements, we will format your cover so that it does meet the requirements.

Ebook Cover Formatting does not include:
– Design aspects, such as adding, removing, or altering text or images.
– formatting your cover for print such as Createspace or IngramSpark. A print cover is a cover with a front, spine, and back. Ebook covers include just the front.

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