Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay my Ebook Launch invoice?

This article walks your through the process of paying your Ebook Launch Freshbooks invoice via PayPal or credit card.  (more…)

Can I edit the formatted file that Ebook Launch sent me?

The following is a list of the files you can and cannot edit:  (more…)

Do I need an ISBN to publish?

The following is a list of where you do and don’t need an ISBN to publish:

Q: Do I need an ISBN to publish on Amazon?

You do not require an ISBN to publish on Amazon KDP ( It is optional.
For more information click here. (more…)

Where can I get an International Standard Book Number (ISBN)?

1. Ebook Launch does not provide ISBNs. You can obtain an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) for your ebook at the following places:  (more…)

What are the steps to publishing on Smashwords with the file Ebook Launch sent me?

Read the Smashwords Terms of Service.

If you have questions along the way, read the Smashwords FAQs.

Create an account with Smashwords if you haven’t already done so. To sign up, click here.

1. Log into your Smashwords account with your email address and password.  (more…)

What is the difference between a book and an ebook?

The following are the similarities and differences between a book and an ebook with reflowable text:

What is a book? A book is a physical book that has the text, images, etc., printed on paper. The pages are bound together, and the book has either a hardcover, or soft cover (paperback).

What is an ebook? An ebook is a digital or electronic book that is formatted into a file that can be read on an e-reader device or app.

Many of the conventions of a print book are used in an ebook – for example, cover, title page, copyright page, table of content, chapters, paragraphs, etc.

So…if these are the similarities, what are the differences?

The single most important difference is that print books have static layouts that once printed do not change, whereas ebooks have dynamic layouts. This is because most ebooks are formatted with re-flowable text.

What is re-flowable text? It is “the ability to automatically wrap words in a document to the next line as the user changes the window size and thereby relocates the right margin of the page” (ref: If you want to see this in action, open your book in Microsoft Word and go to Menu View > Web Layout. You will notice that there aren’t “pages”, per se. Now resize your screen smaller, then larger. You will see the text “wrap” to adjust to the size of the screen.

Because the ebook text “flows” to adjusts to the size of the screen, ebooks do not have pages as in a print book. Since they do not have pages, they do not have page numbers. As they do not have page numbers, one cannot use page numbers as a means of navigating and referencing in a table of contents or index. Instead, one has a table of contents that is hyperlinked to the individual chapters and/or sections of the book. Instead of an index, the reader will use the ereader’s search function to search for specific words or topics.

As ebooks do not have pages, there are a few other things found in ebooks are different in print books. There aren’t headers or footers in an ebook. Footnotes become “endnotes”. Also, to ensure the predictability of placement, images must be in line with the text and centered. Most eReaders at this time do not accept charts, tables, and columns, so these must be converted into an image first.

In an ebook, depending on the eReader app or device, the reader can set the following preferences:

  • font type
  • font size
  • font type
  • page width
  • hyphenation
  • text alignment
  • color mode

The following are some examples of preferences for the Kindle for Mac (these also demonstrate reflowable text):

The Preference selection can be accessed by clicking on the “Aa” button.

Font Type

Font Size Small

Font Size Medium

Font Size Large

Page Width Narrow

Page Width Medium

Page Width Wide

Readers also have the use of the ereader’s search function to navigate throughout the book.

The following are not used when formatting ebooks:

  • tabs
  • spacebar
  • paragraph returns
  • symbols
  • columns
  • text boxes
  • colored font (colored font can make it difficult to read on some eReading devices that don’t support color)

This explanation of some of the similarities and difference between print books and ebooks with reflowable text should help you understand the transition from one to the other.

If you require ebook formatting, to get started, please click here.

If you require print book formatting, to get started, please click here.

The following is a quote from the Smashwords Style Guide:

How Ebook Formatting is Different from Print Formatting

Ebooks are different from print books, so do not attempt to make your ebook look like an exact facsimile of print book, otherwise you’ll only frustrate yourself by creating a poorly formatted, unreadable ebook.

With print, you control the layout. The words appear on the printed page exactly where you want them to appear.

With ebooks, there is no “page.” By giving up the control of the printed page, you and your readers gain much more in return.

Page numbers are irrelevant. Your book will look different on every e-reading device. Your text will shape shift and reflow. Most e-reading devices and e-reading applications allow your reader to customize the fonts, font sizes, and line spacing. Your customers will modify how your book looks on-screen to suit their personal reading preference and environment.
By transforming your books into digital form, you open up exciting possibilities for how readers can enjoy them.

At Smashwords, our motto is “your book, your way,” and this means a reader should be able to consume your book, however, works best for them, even if that means they like to read 18 point Helvetica with blue fonts, lime background color, and triple spaced lines. Many e-reading devices and e-reading apps support some or all of these strange, different tastes.

For us to prepare your words to be stirred up and reconstituted in this digital soup, it’s important your Smashwords source file is formatted to liberate the words in digital form.

The book’s formatting will be and must be different from its paper-based formatting and layout (for some works like poetry, the formatting is integral to the reading experience, and we can work with that too).

Most readers want your words, not your fancy page layout or exotic type styles. This is especially important for your ebook customers because you want your work to display well on as many digital reading devices as possible so the reader can have their book their way. Some of your buyers may want to read on the Amazon Kindle; others may prefer to read on the iPhone or Sony Reader, or even read on multiple devices. Others may want to just read it on screen using one of the several e-reading applications, such as Adobe Digital Editions or FBReader.”

Which file format should I use when publishing on Smashwords: Word doc or epub?

Many of our clients are confused about the choice of formats to use when publishing on Smashwords. Smashwords allows one to publish with either a Word doc file and/or an epub file.

So what are the differences between these choices? (more…)

Do I need to send you the cover file for my ebook/book?

The following outlines when you need to send us your cover file:


If you ordered a Word doc file, we do not need your cover file. When you publish with a Word doc file, you upload your cover file separately and the Smashwords meatgrinder/converter will automatically insert your cover image into EPUB and MOBI files  (more…)

What should I check to ensure my book is ready for ebook formatting?

The following is a list of items to check to be sure your book is ready for ebook formatting:

  1. Be sure that we have your complete and final version of your book for formatting. This means that your book has been edited, proofread, etc. If you are publishing on Amazon KDP, the do a spell check when you upload your file.
  2. Your book must have a Title Page, with a Title, Subtitle (if applicable) and Author(s) Name(s). Your title page must be the same as the Cover. If your book does not have a title page, we will create one using the information you provided on our form. (more…)
What does your Smashwords formatting service include?

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The Smashwords formatting quote includes the following services:

  1. A linked/active table of contents (ToC) (more…)
What does your Amazon KDP formatting service include?

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The Amazon KDP formatting quote includes the following services: 

  1. A linked/active table of contents (ToC) (more…)
What does your Createspace/IngramSpark/KDP Print formatting service include?

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Createspace/IngramSpark/KDP Print formatting includes the following (if you have different requirements, please let us know before formatting starts. Any differences may include an additional fee.):

  1. We provide the PDF file formatted for Createspace/IngramSpark/KDP Print.
  2. Turnaround time is no longer that ten business days. Rush Jobs are five business days.
  3. We guarantee our formatting for Createspace/IngramSpark/KDP Print. (more…)
I have not received my formatted file in the agreed turnaround time. Why?

If you have not received your file, the most likely reasons are: (more…)

I cannot see your form.

If you cannot see our form, it may be your browser. We have experienced issues with the following combinations:


Do you accept a PDF file for formatting?

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We review each PDF submitted on a case by case basis to determine if we can use it for formatting.

The PDF, by its very nature, is not meant to be edited. It was created as a way of viewing a document on different platforms without losing the layout. It is as close to a print document as you can get, and about as difficult to edit.


What does your book cover design service include?

Book Cover Design Services include the following:

  1. Turnaround time: no longer than 7 business days for Premium packages, 14 business Days for Dynamic packages and 2 business days for Premades.
  2. We will send you a couple of variations of the proof of your book cover concept for your approval (or revisions if required). (more…)
Does Ebook Launch have a phone number I can call?

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To keep your costs down, we only correspond via email. It is more efficient time-wise, as we deal with clients worldwide and spend a dedicated portion of our workday answering emails. (more…)

How does the revision process work after formatting?

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If you have received a formatted file from us and need to revise it, this is how to go about it: (more…)

What does your PDF ebook for reviewers, agents, etc. include?

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Before we format your book for ebook formats, we first create a master file. We create the PDF from this master file. (more…)

How do I add your email address to my whitelist?

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If our emails are not getting through or they are going to your Spam/Junk folder you will need to add us to your whitelist. (more…)

What does your ebook formatting service for epub include?

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The epub formatting quote includes the following services: 

  1. An epub file (without cover inserted)
  2. An epub file (with cover inserted)
  3. A linked Table of Contents
  4. If your book has italics, bold and underline, they will be preserved (more…)
Frequently Asked Questions about ISBNs

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Q: How many ISBN numbers do I need?
A: The ISBN is based on the format of book or ebook. You need one for your .epub ebook, one for you .mobi ebook and one for your print book. i.e. You need one ISBN for Smashwords, another one for Amazon and another one for Createspace. (more…)

What does your ebook cover formatting service include?

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Our ebook cover formatting service includes the following: (more…)

To which ebook retailers will Smashwords distribute my ebook?
Do you offer print book covers as well as ebook covers?

A common question author’s ask us “If I want a print book cover as well as the ebook cover, is that something you offer?”

The answer is “yes”! (more…)

Which file formats does Ebook Launch accept for formatting?

We will accept the following formats for both print and ebook formatting:

1. Word .doc/.docx files are our preferred format, but only if this was the original file format in which your MS was created. Please do not send us a Word doc/docx file that has been converted from another file. We require the original file so that we can convert it ourselves. (more…)

What is included in Ebook Launch’s book/ebook formatting?

What is included in Ebook Launch’s book/ebook formatting
Table of Contents


Click on the link that applies to you:


Createspace/KDP Print/IngramSpark print formatting (PDF file)

Smashwords ebook formatting (Word doc file)

Amazon KDP ebook formatting (mobi file)

Apple, Kobo, B&N, IngramSpark, etc. ebook formatting (epub file)

PDF (ebook) ebook formatting (This PDF file is for sending to reviewers, agents, etc.)

Ebook Cover Formatting (JPG file)