How To Design A Great Book Cover

How To Design A Great Book Cover

The saying goes that we should not judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to selling your own book, design becomes more than necessary. We are not calling your potential readers superficial, but with thousands of alternatives to choose from on a store bookshelf, a stunning book cover image can seal the deal. Cover design helps you visually tell your story.

Book cover design plays a crucial part in your marketing. It is what catches people’s attention in the bookstore and leads to thumbnail clicks when browsing online.

Let’s discuss some awesome book covers design ideas.

Select an image that stands out from the crowd.

Always make sure to select a remarkable cover image. Even though it seems obvious, some authors place their subjective viewpoint into a cover image, driven only by emotional attachment.

Have you ever bought something only because it had an attractive design? It is safe to say we all have. Well, book buyers are no different. With a clean, high resolution, and well-composed photo or image, your cover will be distinctive and eye-catching.

Know your readers

Find a cover image that directly connects with your targeted readers.  An image that helps you transmits your book message but still leaves a viewer curious enough to buy your book is the ideal.

Play to your genre

A book genre is also a determinant factor when designing your cover.  Different genres tend to have a distinctive look and feel. They use similar fonts, imagery, and color schemes to evoke particular reactions. For example, romance novels tend to use soft colors and floral imagery while thrillers use dark colors, frightening imagery, and bold font. By playing to those tendencies, your book will be more easily identifiable.

Make typography a priority

Typography is underrated, but by selecting the right fonts, you can add brightness and intensity to your cover. An interesting and unique font can work to catch more reader attention. Take it a step further and make that title big.

Be self-confident

Writing a book is hard work. If you are publishing something you have created, make sure your name is prominently featured on the cover. This is not a time to be shy or modest. Let people know who you are.

The design should look great even as a thumbnail

More than 60% of the books sold today are done so online, so it is fundamental that your design looks perfect in thumbnail size too. Create a book or ebook cover design to be highly attractive, even when browsing online.

Never underestimate the power of a professional touch.

Your cover should look as professional as your book content. Simply put, the better your cover, the more likely it is to sell.

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