Request for Revisions to Formatted File(s)

Fill out the following form, and we will send you a quote for your revisions. We will revise all the files you ordered. Please do not use the ‘Return’ key until you are ready to submit the form.

***Please note that this revision form is for correcting typos and minor errors only, it is not for re-working content.
If your book has content that has to be re-worked, please submit it for re-formatting***


To revise “walk” to “ran”:
Incorrect: Jack and Jill walk up a hill.
Correct: Jack and Jill ran up a hill.
Note: Ebook Version, or Print Version, or Print and Ebook Version, change ‘walk’ to ‘ran’ (Since one cannot Bold or Italicize text please put in the notes Please Bold/Italicize text