Request for Revisions to Formatted File(s)

Fill out the following form, and we will send you an invoice for your revisions. We will revise all the files you ordered. Please do not use the ‘Return’ key until you are ready to submit the form.

***Please note that this revision form is for correcting typos and minor errors only, it is not for re-working content.
If your book has content that has to be re-worked, please submit it for re-formatting***


To revise “walk” to “ran”:
Incorrect: Jack and Jill walk up a hill.
Correct: Jack and Jill ran up a hill.
Note: Ebook Version, or Print Version, or Print and Ebook Version, change ‘walk’ to ‘ran’ (Since one cannot Bold or Italicize text please put in the notes Please Bold/Italicize text