The Best Book Cover Design Tips And Tricks

The Best Book Cover Design Tips And Tricks

If you are an avid reader, you know how hard it is to choose books from the library or a bookstore. There is a wide array of choices and it is difficult to pick a book which will interest you. You may already have an idea of what to buy, especially if you already know the author you like or a genre that you’re in the mood for. But when you go in blind, that is where the challenge starts.

Aside from the author, title, or genre, most people choose a book which has an attractive cover. A book’s cover design is what catches the attention of readers and buyers. It has a major effect on a person when it comes to their decision-making. When it comes to actual books, we really do judge them by their covers.

So, if you are an author looking to sell as many books as possible, it makes sense that you would want a book cover that is as appealing as possible. We have compiled a list of those factors that make a book cover design eye-catching to grab the attention of buyers and readers alike.

Tips on how to make a good book cover design

The front cover of the book is one of the most important parts of your book, from a marketing standpoint, as it is the first thing that people see on shelves or when scrolling through their e-readers. You may already have tons of ideas about what you want for your cover but you should know the essential elements first before creating one.

These are some basic elements and guidelines that you need to know in order to come up with a great book cover:

  1. Make an easy-to-read, interesting title. A title is the first thing people will read. It should already give them an idea of what the book is all about. Additionally, be sure to use legible font or bold capital letters in order to make a title pop.
  2. Use the right typography. The fonts that will be used should already suggest the mood of the book. For example, bold fonts suggest intense genres such as action and adventure, while decorative fonts suggest romance.
  3. Colors should match the book genre. Just like the typography, colors will also dictate the book’s overall feel. It is also important to note that you should use contrasting colors for the background and fonts to support readability.
  4. Use high quality, eye-catching photos or images. Whether you are using a traditional photo or an illustration, you should choose one that will certainly catch the attention of the reader. More importantly, the image or photo should match the book’s subject.
  5. Make it simple but attention-grabbing. Never overcrowd the elements on the cover. You do not want to make your cover eye-catching for the wrong reasons. The cover layout should be organized with none of the elements overlapping each other.
  6. Consider the cover size. Aside from a physical book, authors are now marketing their products digitally. When creating a cover, keep in mind how it will be displayed in thumbnail form. It should still be readable even if it is in smaller size.

If you want to design your own book cover, there is design software or design templates available. However, if you are not confident in your design skills and you would like a more professional look, you are better off hiring a professional cover designer such as Ebook Launch.


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